mini-Model version 2.0

Today I found some free stitch and glue kayak design software online (see the Resources post for a link!) and worked up some ideas that are vastly superior to my first design.  I can’t afford to purchase plans for my design through the site, but I can do a rough sketch-up based on the model.  And thus, I present to you Version 2.0, a 1:24 scale model (approximately.  I meant it to be 7.5 inches long and instead it’s 8 inches long) of the much-improved kayak design.

Now, you may notice that these images show this model floating (please excuse my rusty drain).  Apparently, sufficient application of tape will, in fact, render the model watertight, at least temporarily.  I also stuffed it with some cloth so that it had some weight and didn’t float so ridiculously high in the water.

For the record, this boat would be paddled by a 2.5-inch high version of me.

Version 3.0 will be a 30-inch version of this design, if oaktag comes the right size.


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